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Helping Poor

Support of BVJSS Sanstha to Girls in enhance lives through sewing

Indian and our state government  is running stitching center in different villages where girls learn cutting and tailoring in a six month course.Most of the girls belong to poor families who work as farm labour . They are unable to buy sewing machine on their own as the cost of the machine is prohibitive for majority of them.


The sewing machine will help the girls to become self reliant and improve their earning skills.They don’t have to work as labour or fall into trap of human trafficking.They can lead their lives with dignity.

Long-Term Impact of this support of Bhagwan Valmiki Jagriti Sweh Sewa Sanstha


The long term impact would help the poor families in living their lives with dignity. They will be able to break the vicious circle of poverty. The economic self reliance will help girls attain confidence and courage to lead lives on their own terms.

We offer the tools and skills necessary to enhance lives through sewing


  1. we offer sewing classes and machines to those whose lives may be enhanced by this new tool offering them a creative means to move forward.
  2. we’ve sent machines and supplies to women’s cooperatives and other groups in Punjab for helping people in those areas to start small collectives and improve their lives through the art of sewing.