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Environment Pollution


Today our concerns are focused on various areas such as social issues, health issues, and environmental issues. We are exclusively working for environmental, protection, conservation, and awareness. We are actively involved in environmental protection in our country is, in fact, more than in any of the developing country.

Bhagwan Valmik jagriti Sweh Sewa Sanstha is now playing an important role in framing the environmental policy and protecting the endangered species of forests and animals. Environmental organizations such as Earth watch and Sea Shepherd Conservation Society have been successful in creating awareness about the environmental dangers in using drift nets in the commercial fishing industry.

Through driftnet monitoring, public education and action we are successful in banning drift- net system internationally. The issues like future of environmental protection, sustainable development and zero population growth are some of the major concerns of us.

Environmental policies will achieve positive results only when they are addressed to local issues and solve the problems of local people. The policymakers should keep in mind the needs of the people while framing the policies and implementing the environment-friendly projects.