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Education For Child

An estimated 20,00,000 children are losing their childhood on streets of India.

1,70,70,000 children in India are out of school. who don’t get enabling education is much higher.

47% girls in India get married before they turn 18.


Millions of children in India are being a denied a chance at a happy & dignified childhood, mainly because of who they are and where they are born. Save the Children works to bring this injustice to an end.


The state government estimates that nearly 400,000 children of primary age are not regularly attending school, but the The help India disputes this figure, estimating closer to four million are not regularly in classes.

Despite the recent news stories highlighting the growth in India’s economy, and the new wealth this is creating, the need to help India’s children is becoming even more important. Child labour is a massive problem in Punjab and in other states of India .

Disease Free  is committed to helping as many children as possible escape the poverty trap in Punjab, and currently help educate over 1,000 children. We are hoping to develop other projects in the future should sufficient funds be in place to meet the requirements of multiple projects.

Your donation will add to the fund that runs child education, protection and health programs across India. These programs are funded by thousands of donors such as you.

Save the Children runs over 65 programs in 18 states in India, helping over 1 million children a year exercise their right to a childhood they can cherish.

Bhagwan Valmik Jagriti Sweh Sewa Sanstha run solely on donations and any amount donated by you helps us do more. These donations are going a long way in transforming our nation as they help children, who are the future.

While Save the Children appreciates monthly donations more where you choose to donate a small fixed amount monthly for us to be able to plan our programs for longer term, a single donation can also help save a child.